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Mother of the Bride/Groom 101

Mother of the Bride/Groom 101

Mother of the Bride/Groom 101. Mobile Image

Nov 11, 2021

Mother of the bride and groom dresses have made big strides when it comes to being on trend! We've said goodbye to the days of strict and stuffy and said hello to fashionable options that make you feel your absolute best! Our Mothers collection is STOCKED with new arrivals from our favorite designers. Check out some of our favorites from Mom's night along with our top tips for Mother of the Bride and Groom shopping!




#1 The Bride comes first


When it comes to looking at your dress options for the big day, go to the bride first. Typically, the bride and groom determine the formality, color palette and style for the wedding day so let them be your guide for a starting point when it comes to shopping!



#2 Know Your Timeline


If you are going to be ordering your dress, it is important to order your dress early enough to have time to make any alterations once you receive your dress! Mothers dresses can sometimes take as long as wedding dresses to come in so it is essential to make sure you have time to make any changes! If you are on a bit of a time crunch, we always have an out of the collection option at Something New. If the bride gives you a specific date to order your dress, be sure to respect her wishes and book your Something New appointment as soon as possible!



#3 Color Coordination


Don't forget about color coordination when you are searching for your dress! The color of your dress should compliment the rest of the bridal party while respecting any of the bride's specific color requests. It's also worth noting that the mother of the bride should typically chooses her dress before the mother of the groom. While it is nice to discuss dresses options beforehand together, the mother of the groom should consult with the mother of the bride when choosing her gown so you are both able to shine individually on the big day!


If you are still searching for your mother of the bride or groom dress, book an appointment with us today to see all of our gorgeous new arrivals at Something New!