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Mothers Day Deal Extension!

Mothers Day Deal Extension!

Mothers Day Deal Extension!. Mobile Image

Jun 15, 2022

Throughout the entire month of May, our team at Something New Boutique was ecstatic to share a special deal on our mother of the occasion gowns to celebrate Mother's Day, and we've decided the fun shouldn't stop there! We're here to announce that we are extending our May mom's deal throughout June, too! If you still haven't got your mom's gown, we've got the perfect gown waiting for you in our boutique, along with some special gifts! 



If you say yes to your mother of the bride or mother of the groom's dress this June, you'll get a complementary pair of gorgeous earrings and a garment bag to keep your gown safe and sound until the big day. You won't want to miss out on this opportunity to find the mother of look you've been dreaming of, so make your appointment with one of our stylists as soon as you can!



Contact us or send us a message on Instagram (@somethingnewboutique) to find the one today. Happy Mothers Day!