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Guest Blog: Event Rents Part 2!

Guest Blog: Event Rents Part 2!

Guest Blog: Event Rents Part 2!. Mobile Image

Jul 20, 2022

Chairs, Flatware and More, oh my!  (Part 2)


(Part 2)



Raising a glass to even more of something new, Event Rents Denver is excited to showcase freshly arrived collections of event rentals carefully curated for celebrations to come! 


The second installment in this two-part blog highlights the latest additions to the Events Rents Denver family. As a preferred event partner with Something New, we're excited to share even more design inspiration with you! Remember those touches of brushed gold and elegant wood finishes we mentioned before? Lets add in details of blonde wood, crisp black finishes and stylish china accents.


Pairing lovely new looks with over 27 years of industry experience, Event Rents is proud to be a steady resource for your special event at hand. Simply put, we do our job, so that your special event is just that special!


Be sure to take a look back at our first feature on Something New's blog, and as you plan for your own special day, we raise a toast to you and the beginning of always. 


Make it a Double: 6ft White Bar




Bon Appetit! Heirloom Linen bowl




Have A Seat: Halo Black Chairs  & Chloe Chairs






Something New is a proud partner with Event Rents! To start planning your event rental design with Event Rents: