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Apr 20, 2023

We believe people should be empowered & informed when making life's biggest decisions!


There are a few pivotal chapters in life that change the trajectory of where you're going. If you're reading this blog, you're likely engaged and making some big decisions as you read this. What an amazing time in life while at times chaotic, it is shaping your future significantly. Congratulations!


One of the decisions that also may be on your mind is homeownership as you decide how to combine households, where you want to start your life together, and what's changing in the near future. One of the biggest questions we get with first time home buyers is how much money it takes to start the process...


The down payment, of course, is the biggest chunk but can be as little as 3% of the purchase price (even 0% for a VA loan or other special qualifying loan programs). That can all be analyzed with a lender to see what best fits your situation keeping your monthly payment at a comfortable rate for you. Please let us know and we can connect you with some amazing lenders who can help sort this out for you to realize your buying power. It might be sooner than you think and it also might take some work. But give yourself the runway to make those decisions and put yourself in the best possible spot for where you are at in this season of life. This first step will create the building blocks for your future real estate decisions.


In addition to down payment, here are some other things to be ready for: 




If you have any other questions, would like some additional resources, or just need someone to talk through some ideas, please do not hesitate to call us. We are here to help guide you before, during, and after your home purchase, no matter how long or short that may be!  



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