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Mom's Night & Info Night - Don't Miss it!

Mom's Night & Info Night - Don't Miss it!

Mom's Night & Info Night - Don't Miss it!. Mobile Image

Sep 06, 2023

Moms Night is back, and its one of our favorite events we host at Something New! Join us on October 4th from 6:30pm 8:30pm for a special night planned for the amazing moms and special ladies of the wedding! Meet and speak with our Mothers Specialist and Owner and learn all about 2023 and 2024 formal trends and how to pick the dress that makes you feel best! There will be snacks, drinks and so many new styles we will be showcasing too, so its the perfect wedding-planning & girls night out with Something New before your daughter, son, grandkid, niece or nephew's big day! Please call us at 719-282-6500 to RSVP!


Check out the recap of our last Mom's Night here!


Not only do YOU DESERVE to look and feel fabulous for the wedding, but YOU SHOULD! This is the major life moment & celebration you're throwing for your child with photos that your family will look back on for generations - this is not the time to skimp and opt for something "that'll work" or "that's cheaper" or "that makes me blend in"!


TIP: After the bride and groom, the parents should be the second most formally dressed at the wedding!


TIP: ask the bride for guardrails, then work with a personal stylist who understands your wants & needs when it comes to feeling good in formal attire! Its game-changer and youll be amazed how differently you feel about yourself day-of and looking back on the special day!







SPOILER ALERT: Mom's Night isn't our only special event in October! October 23rd is our Info Night - if you've ever wanted to be a part of the Something New team, this event is the one for YOU!


Starting at 6:30 PM, you will get to mingle with our team and learn all about our exciting open positions! We hope to see you there and don't forget to leave your next weekend open for possible further interviews.



If you are still searching for the perfect mother of the bride or groom dress, Moms Night is a must! You can also book an appointment with one of our expert stylists for our Mother of the bride/groom appointment! If you have any questions about Info Night, feel free to give us a call - we can't wait to meet you!