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Guest Blog: Complete Weddings + Events

Guest Blog: Complete Weddings + Events

Welcome to Complete Weddings + Events, your trusted partner for over three decades in creating memorable moments in Colorado Springs. Owned by the dynamic duo, Chris and Candy Gardner, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of services that turn your special day into an unforgettable celebration. At Complete, we understand the significance of your wedding or event, and our mission is to make it stress-free, seamless, and filled with joy.



Save Time and Money with Complete Bundles

We believe in giving you more time to enjoy your celebration and saving you money in the process. With our bundled services, you can reclaim four months of your life back with just one hour of planning. Mix and match our packages to cater to your event needs, ensuring a hassle-free and cost-effective experience.


Services Offered:

  1. Photography: Capture every precious moment with our expert photographers who specialize in documenting the essence of your special day. From the grand gestures to the subtle details, our team ensures that no memory goes unnoticed.
  2. Videography: Relive the magic of your celebration repeatedly with our top-notch videography services. We capture not just the vows, but also the toasts, speeches, and dance floor shenanigans, allowing you to cherish these moments from the comfort of your own couch.
  3. DJs: Elevate your celebration with our talented DJs who know how to set the perfect mood. Whether you want to keep it low-key or dance the night away, our DJs guide the dance floor frivolities to ensure a memorable and lively atmosphere.
  4. Photo Booth: Add a touch of grown-up fun to your event with our photo booths. Equipped with hilarious props, our photo booths provide your guests with ample opportunities to create whimsical memories that will last a lifetime.
  5. Day-of Coordination: When you want to savor every moment without worrying about the details, our day-of coordination service is here for you. Let us handle the small stuff, so you can focus on enjoying your party. We understand that every detail is a big deal, and we're here to ensure everything runs seamlessly.


Working with Complete Weddings + Events guarantees a seamless, stress-free wedding or event experience. With our extensive range of services, experienced team, and commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to making your celebration truly special. Trust us to turn your dreams into reality and create memories that will last a lifetime. Choose Complete Weddings + Events for a celebration that exceeds your expectations. Contact Us for more information at: or (719) 419-6200.